In case you are wondering what our home-ownership scheme is like, here’s all you need to know:

In our village, each homeowner has a house complete with a street address. This address will have a house number and a street name. These details will then be reflected on the Village Map.

Selecting a street on the map, will show you the list of homeowners staying on that particular street. So, no one can ever be too far away.

These houses are assigned randomly by the system to players as soon as they make their 3rd deposit.

As you continue playing on the site, you will be moved to a new house with better benefits.

House Levels :

House Levels Duration
Blue House After first 3 deposits
Silver House 30 consecutive days
Gold House 90 consecutive days
Gold Castle 270 consecutive days
Gold Key After 3 years

In order to keep the house, a player will have to make at least one deposit every 30 days. If this deposit isn’t made, he/she will lose their house. However, players will have another 30 days during which they can reclaim the house. If he/she fails to deposit for 60 days at a stretch, then the house is lost entirely and the respective player will have to start with the Blue House again.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy while being a Homeowner:

  • Access to a free profile where they can enter some personal information about themselves.
  • Participate in exclusive monthly promos.
  • Free admittance to any and all real player meet ups and events around your local market.