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Deposit Specials

  • Loyalty Game

    Receive free tickets for the weekly Loyalty Game. Every deposit made between Saturday and Friday will generate tickets for the following game on Friday.


    Terms & Conditions
    1. Loyalty Game plays at 9:30pm on each Friday in the Unplugged room starting 7th December
    2. For every £10 deposited 1 ticket will be generated. Deposits of £22 or more will generate double
    3. Prize payout – FH £150, 2L £100, 1L £50 cash
    4. 500 losing cards will be randomly selected to share £300 bingo bonus each week, and will be paid on Saturday
    5. Cash prize has no wagering requirements, Bingo Bonus has 1 x wagering requirement
    6. Maximum of 120 tickets per player per game
    7. Players must be depositors (18+)
    8. Promotion valid from 1st to 31st December 2018
    9. Standard Terms and Conditions apply
  • Blotto

    Receive 1 Blotto line for every £10 deposited. If you match all 4 numbers with the first 4 balls on the midnight game in the 90 Ball Bingo Room on 1st of next month, you will win up to £1000. All 3 ball winners will receive a consolation prize.


    Terms & Conditions
    1. Maximum of 500 lines per player. Blotto Lines will be sent via Helpdesk to all players who have 10 lines or more. All other players must request them from Support on the 1st of following month
    2. If the prize is not won it will rollover to next month
    3. Three ball winners will share £100, up to a maximum of £25 per player
    4. The main prize is winnings without wagering requirement, the consolation prize is bingo bonus with wagering requirement
    5. Players must be homeowners to win either prize
    6. Players must be depositors (18+)
    7. Promotion valid from 1st to 31st December 2018
    8. Standard Terms and Conditions apply