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Bingo lovers call Bingo Magix their home once they experience the exciting variety of games at Bingo Magix. We pride ourselves on being one of the top sites in the UK offering best bingo games. If you're new here, you get free bingo bonus on your deposit and complete registration. You can try the games such as the Village Inn, Power Bingo, Speed Bingo, Elimination Bingo, 80 ball bingo room and 90 ball bingo room. We assure you a splendid time with your free bingo bonus in our fantastic online bingo games.

We also like to believe that there's no better welcome than the one we give you. So if you decide to make a deposit of £5 at Bingo Magix, you will get £20 free bingo bonus to play which is a massive 400% to keep you going. Bingo Magix also rewards you with the most generous re-depositing offers. Every day of the week, there is as much as 250% free bingo bonus that can be claimed.

Looking for something beyond Free Bingo games?

Sure, we have an endless catalog of your favourite casino and slot picks. You will always find a game that best suits you at Bingo Magix. Moreover, the regular free casino bonuses accrued to your account can be wagered in casino and slots as well.

Bingo Magix also takes the social and community aspects of their members very seriously. Known as the UK's best bingo site, we are one of the few bingo sites sporting a community form and members at the site will vouch for our amazing chat host crew (True story!). The tradition of player meets at Bingo Magix is another significant attribute. We host player meets at least twice a year.

We also give away prize points, free bingo bonuses, tickets, cash prizes and more at our varied promotions each month. Members can also become home owners and acquire virtual homes with their own address and chirpy neighbours. If you fancy listening to popular songs, tune in to our in-house Bingo Radio with DJ Mark and win free bingo bonuses, cash prizes etc. We have a strong support team available 24/7 all days to help you. All thanks to the uniqueness of Bingo Magix, the sole reason we get to be so cool!

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Playing bingo online just got even better with the magic that we have decided to weave in it. Our warm welcome offer of a massive 600% free bingo bonus on a minimum spend of £10 just turns up the heat once you start playing our host of bingo casino and slot games . Look out for a range of exciting offers and promotions always magically spinning out on the site to add to your gaming pleasure.

One of the oldest online bingo sites, Bingo Magix has been a favorite for many online bingo lovers for quite some time now.Get a generous free bingo bonus of £60 on your first minimum deposit and enter our magical world of bingo.

Try our Chip Van Bingo room for the best free bingo experience online.If you are looking for some real excitement, then our most happening bingo rooms like 90 ball bingo room,Speed Bingo room,the Village Fair room and many more, is a must try for you.

Along with experiencing all the fun and frolic in our bingo rooms,do watch out for our ever changing promotions and offers on several bingo games, promising to give out loads of prizes and winnings.The variety of offers and gifts given out every month makes the experience at BingoMagix even better than playing free bingo games online.

That’s not just it, you need to try our huge range of casino and slot games if you are interested in playing more than just bingo games online. From the top popular hits from Microgaming to the favorite ones from Cozy and Eyecon neatly stacked in our basket, you will never get tired of playing on BingoMagix.To add to this, you can play your favorite bingo while on the move now, as BingoMagix is also available on mobile and other hand held devices.

Be it free bingo or just a variety of exciting bingo, slot and casino games,this site is one to fall in love with.
So if you’re a big fan of playing free bingo games online, this site is a perfect choice for you.With a minimum spend of £10, you will get a free bingo bonus of £60 along with toppings of several ongoing offers and promotions.

Bingo Magix is now Mobile!
We’re pleased to announce that Bingo Magix is now mobile. This means, you can now play all your favourite Bingo and Casino games on move with Bingo Magix Mobile. All you have to do is type on your mobile browser to get started with our Bigno Magix Mobile.
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